Hocus Pocus: Let The Halloween Decorating Begin

by admin

September is just pre-Halloween, right? We haven’t run out of autumn yet but I think it’s the right time to start thinking about Halloween decoration. So for me, Halloween has landed! We can devote the first weeks of September to feeling the warm touches of fall and then we can more and more switch to Halloween mood. So, it’s time to find some spooky Halloween decorating ideas:

“When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.”

I mean your ghosts from last year threaten to revisit you. Now we open our doors to them. Even more; ghosts, angry pumpkins, bats, witch hats, haunted houses, and go on… Think of your must-haves for Halloween and update them with just a few taps. Ta-Dow! Here are the best spooky Halloween decorating ideas for you, let’s begin!

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

In fact, you don’t have to do a big shopping for thematic décor to bring Halloweenie vibes to your home. Just combine fall bits and warm colors and add a few spooky details. You can even make easy Halloween DIY projects as a Sunday plan. This will be more fun than any other DIY project! Here are a few spooky and Halloweenie ideas for you!

Let’s talk about the colorful skulls in the photo firstly? For many of us, skulls are must-haves of Halloween. If you feel that way, you can find skulls very cheaply in many places. You can paint them according to your taste and put them anywhere in the house. There are so many cute skulls here (Oops, was that our goal?). If you want a darker aura, you can use black and gray tones.

Skull ideas are of course not just that, they are countless. You can make scary-looking pillars by gluing them on top of each other. Ten skulls, some glue, a basket, and dead weeds would be enough for this spooky project. You can find a good example of this in the gallery below the article. And of course, we haven’t forgotten the pumpkins! You can create countless decoration ideas by combining pumpkins and bones or painting them. Take a look at the gallery for the best DIY Halloween decorating ideas of 2020 and find the answer to the main question “How can I decorate for Halloween cheap?”

Halloween Fireplace Decor

If you have a fireplace, this is your opportunity to create a great Halloween corner. Moreover, you can create a space full of fear with easy steps. We chose this example because it includes everything about Halloween. Look at this; witch hats hanging from the ceiling, ghosts, bones and ghouls! Hats alone were enough to give spooky decor.

Everyone knows, fireplaces are the ideal place for every scary bit, right? And I love this idea! İmagine, giant spooky spiders can invade the mantel, brooms can decorate the wall, and bats spread everywhere can create the main theme. Take a look at the gallery to find a Halloween room decor idea. Whether you’re looking for cheap ideas or a way to reflect your style, there is something for you! Happy Halloween!

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