Easy DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

by admin

Wall decorations have the power to completely change the look of your home. Whatever style you like, these will continue to be important details. But wall decoration is not always challenging or expensive. DIY wall decor ideas offer you practical and truly impressive accessories. Moreover, adding your touches to your home will strengthen the bonds between you and your home. A unique and completely your own touch… This is definitely a good idea!

DIY wall decor ideas may be new to you, or you may not like to deal with the details. We made things easy for you. Here are some super practical ideas that you will really enjoy doing. There is no need to even explain so many of them how are made.

For example, the coloured wall hanging you see in the first photo. What it takes to do this is a stick, medium-thick yarns and a pair of scissors. You can create colour blocks according to your own taste. Creating a colour palette to complement the overall style of your home creates amazing results.

After choosing the colours, tie each yarn to the stick with a classic knot and repeat it. Then cut the ends of the ropes in high-low form. Finally, tie a string to both ends of the Stick and that’s it! It is not as hard as macrame patterns, but as stylish as that. You can also make this idea using single-colour yarns. Or you can create different patterns by painting the ends of single-colour yarns.

Colourful DIY Wall Decor

This colourful wall decoration is an opportunity to add artistic touches to your walls! Adding a few colours to your walls will bring energy and dynamism to your home, especially if you have a monochrome decoration. In this example, there are tiny doors made by sticking wood pieces together. This idea can also inspire you to make different shapes from wooden pieces.

You can attach tiny door handles after sticking the wood pieces and painting them in the colour you want. You can create your colour palette with this type of vibrant colours, or you can combine pastel or neutral colours. If painting is fun for you, you can also try drawing patterns.

Creative Pulley Designs For Wall Decoration

It is possible to convert pulleys into many unique designs. Having unique pieces in your home makes you feel special. So use your own creativity entirely. And make sure this is an easy DIY project.

Add fabrics with your favourite patterns to the pulleys as in this example and turn them into wall decor. Or create creative patterns with yarns of your favourite colours. It is possible to create countless patterns with yarns. You can create unique decors by combining them with straight or cross or braids. And completely different pulley designs work well with each other.

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