Clear And Airy: Minimalist Decor Ideas

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Minimalist Decor For Fireplace

Airy vibes of minimalism tempt us all. So clean and airy, it fills the soul with peace. Once you embrace simplicity, it won’t be easy to give up on it. Moreover, what we look for the most in summer is fresh feelings, right? If the answer is ‘yes’, let the minimalist decor ideas touch your home.

Happily, the minimalist decoration is a style that can work with all today’s trends. We can even say that this decoration style characterized to recent years. So, it’s easy to find many ways to add this dominant style in your home. It’s even possible to be torn between countless choices – that’s exactly what happened to us. Whatever the main style of your home, adding minimal details will be great. So let’s take a look!

Minimalist Art For Home Decoration

Minimalist Wall Art

Minimalist art conquered all area of ​​life; minimal tattoos, designs, clothes… These abstract and simple drawings are the easiest way to add a minimal touch of art to your home. These drawings emphasize the pure and artistic side of the decoration. The minimal art in wall decor gives an impressive finish surprisingly.

Wall prints are not the only way to add minimal art to decoration. You can also use them as a larger mural. It is even possible to find tapestries with minimal design. Also a tip: you can paint the wall sculptures in the same colour as your wall or a different shade of the same colour. So you get a monochrome wall and the minimal touch you want.

Monochrome And Textures: Minimalist Decor Ideas

minimalist decor ideas textured objects
Monochrome And Textures

Minimal home decor ideas embrace textures. That is why we still have dynamism in simplicity. If you want to calm some maximal details of your home, you can start a small DIY project. Paint your storage areas, some furniture the same colour as your wall or a different shade of the same colour. This will give you a textured space that looks professionally designed.

And finally, let’s talk about our favourite objects among minimal decor ideas. These can be things like modern or classical sculptures, textured ceramics, metals. Ceramic carved vases, bowls, and black oil lamps are great options for this, as in this photo. Just try it, and see.

You can see many more minimalist decor ideas in our gallery:

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